outsourced Payroll

Any compliant business needs to ensure your staff are paid correctly and on time. With  recent changes to legislation this has increased the burden on internal systems, staff and processes. 

Save Money

Remove the costs of employing specialist payroll staff, paying for software and relevant paperwork.

Reduce Time

Let TreyBridge ease the burden of keeping up to date with changes to payroll legislation - saving you time.


With potential fines from HRMC and the introduction of GDPR, TreyBridge keep you compliant with all the rules.

Our story

Hassle free, outsourced payroll services that manages your employee records and increases data accuracy with processing efficiency.

It’s not just your suppliers and customers that affect your finances; each staff member is a major part of the cash flow and relies on you to earn a living. All you need to do is decide whether your payroll is run weekly or on a monthly basis, then we’ll make sure it happens on time, every time.

We will provide you with a secure link to a platform were you can update all employee information on a weekly monthly or daily basis.

We will analysis this to show you ways you can save as employers on tax.

Reason to outsource your payroll.

An in-house payroll service is a money burner. If you calculate the hours your employees spend on payroll-related activities, plus payroll software costs, training costs, printers, printing and distributing payslips, creating tax documents etc, you could be surprised by the result when you compare that amount to the cost a payroll service provider can offer.

The payroll function can consume a large proportion of your staff resources, especially if the staff in charge of the payroll are not trained specifically to deal with it or have the payroll function as a smaller part of their overall responsibilities. The benefits of outsourcing the payroll include freeing up these resources allowing your staff to concentrate on more essential tasks. You may even be able to reduce your staff’s size. Outsourced functions also give you better scope for expansion of your company with scalable services suited to your business.

As a payroll service provider we are specialists, we can process even the most complex payrolls at a great speed, providing a quick turnaround time on your payroll when required.


VAT payments deferral

The Chancellor announced a VAT payments deferral on 20 March to support businesses with cash flow during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that all businesses

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