overdue customer invoices?

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We had a client call us that had a large number of overdue customer invoices. This was causing cashflow problems and in turn making them late payers to their suppliers also they needed the cash to grow the business. They had a debtor day metric of 147 days. After we were approached to help and agreed to set a goal to get the debtor days below 100 days within 4 months!

Working with the client we set up some strong KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to get these overdue customer invoices down and inject some cash back into their working capital, by month 3 of our credit control program we had the debtors days to 87 days by month 4 we had reduced this even further to 72.

Today they have increased their sales by 20% with no additional funding and their debtor days are at 43 days. Supplier invoices are paid on time every time and in some cases, because they are now good payers, had their credit limit extended.

If you are in a similar position then look no further, TreyBridge are here to help. Contact us for more information, you never know this could be you in 3 months time.

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